Request a Cochlear™ Professional Account

With a Cochlear™ Professional Account, you can access a range of online professional resources.
Complete PART A to request a Cochlear Professional Account.
Also complete PART B if you are an audiologist, implant surgeon or clinical/hospital staff member who requires access to Cochlear Connected Care solutions.
Your request will be reviewed within the next 72 hours and you will be notified by email at your nominated email address.

PART A: Personal details (mandatory)

Use your clinic/hospital email address.

PART B: Connected Care solutions (optional)

If you are an audiologist, implant surgeon or clinical/hospital staff member, complete this section for:
~ access to the Cochlear Connected Care solutions available in your clinic or hospital
~ the ability to create and manage patient records and devices and enrolling patients into services (where available).

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I acknowledge that I require a Cochlear Professional Account to access Cochlear's online information resources and,

~ If I have completed Part B, I confirm that I am authorised by my clinic / hospital to access Cochlear's Connected Care solutions for the purposes of treating and supporting Cochlear recipients and to accept the Connected Care Terms of Use on the clinic / hospital's behalf.

I understand that Cochlear processes personal and health information in accordance with Cochlear's Privacy Notice
  I have read and understood the Acknowledgment